What is Blog


What is Blog?


A shortened version of “weblog” is called as BLOG. It is defined as an online informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order as here latest posts appear on top.

Blog was a more of the personal diary when it started somewhere in 1994 people were sharing their personal diary online. It’s in a form of journal where one could talk about his/her daily life or share their views on individual subjects.  Then people find an opportunity to earn by communicate information.

I follow many great bloggers among one I like most is BEN CUMMINGS because he has explained very thoroughly in his blog post How to start a Blog 

Why should one start Blog?

  • For Pleasure
  • For Business

Why one should start Blog has more than Thousand reason you will find on Google but my opinion is one should start Blog because it gives an avenue to gain money and name by just sharing your experience and your knowledge.

Why Blogging for Pleasure

Helps you learn new things

Learning is the most encouraging factor in blogging. It requires you to post text on your blog, it also helps you learn a lot. Researching what other bloggers write. Concentrating on how people comment. Knowledge on a particular topic improves piece of content created by you.

It gives you clarity of thought

The ability to think and act is clearly the most critical skill of our day to day life which they never teach you in school! You learn to reflect on your relationships and other life issues through blogging and also help you interact with different people.

It improves your writing skills

Constant practice comes with the need for writing mastery. What would be the better way to do this if not through blogging? Remember that inconsistencies weaken your writing muscles. Why have a blog then? Publishing content to a blog hones your writing ability by compelling you to continue write. You can utilize tools like Grammarly and White Smoke that would assist you with producing quality contents.

It improves your confidence

Indeed, publishing content to a blog teaches you how to impart your various insights. It urges you to acknowledge the slip-ups you make. You will perceive your specific qualities and figure out how to control your shortcomings. You likewise get the chance to take analysis and sweet talk in a develop and expert way.

It can improve your speech

A decent discourse begins with a surprisingly better content. The more you find out about subjects of intrigue, the simpler it gets the opportunity to convey them verbally. After some period, you will develop certainty. Furthermore, could confront a crowd of people and deal with any apprehensive inclination that may come. Writing for a blog will assist you with doing that.

It can assist you with volunteer work and community activities

Writing for a blog additionally helps in different manners. Like, offering safe drinking water to individuals out of luck Or then again paying for the instruction of a penniless youngster. Authors, for example, Jeff Goins give near a modest amount of their deals to noble cause. Others, for example, Pat Flynn raise in excess of fifty thousand to assemble two schools in Ghana, Africa.

It is a real challenge

Stand by yet why blog if it’s difficult? We need to do some hard task eventually in our lives at some point of time. How exciting would life be on the off chance that we had things given to us? With writing for a blog, getting too agreeable is somewhat troublesome. Subsequently, it drives you to continue developing which isn’t such a terrible thing!

Blogging allows you to help people

Why not blog in the event that it lets you become a legend? Through sharing your story, you get the opportunity to motivate youngsters to investigate their concealed possibilities. By expounding on various thoughts, for example, love, connections, and other social issues, you can transform them.

It gives you the best discipline

Is it accurate to say that you are poor with interfacing with individuals or keeping plans? With writing for a blog, you enhance these two variables. It causes you follow up cutoff times and address client issues.

Why Blogging for business

It needs Hosting 

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You can earn money from blogging

For those of us who are not born with the title of millionaire, there is a decent opportunity to make a considerable measure of cash. You can even turn into a full-time blogger who gets by of it. All these while doing the thing you love with having enough opportunity to handle different exercises just as invest energy with your family.

No particular set of qualifications required

You can make your WordPress blog in less than fifteen minutes by using a simple guideline. Why not blog at that point? With the tools accessible today, you don’t need to be a software engineer or a technically knowledgeable individual to make a blog. A couple of snaps and you’re all set!

It’s affordable

Why not blog in the event that you can get started and pay as low as $2.75 per month? Truly, that is the amount it would cost you to run a straightforward individual blog. Likewise, in the event that you need your blog to have some opportunity, utilize self-facilitated arrangement. You’ll see that it’s moderate for anybody, any place on the planet you might be.

It helps you gain an online audience

A dominant part of individuals pulled in to spots and people who improve their vocations. A blog will permit you to make an incentive through your substance. Whence, you can build your fan base and arrive at other online peruses.

It helps in influencing public opinion

Writing for a blog encourages you distinguishes a hole in the public area and allows you to impart your perspectives to a wide crowd. A genuine model is a region with practically no dispensaries for pregnant moms and the wiped out in the public eye. By featuring this issue on your blog, you increment familiarity with that issue. You could get the consideration of individuals included, for example, government partners!

Helps you build your credibility

Education degrees are losing their pertinence and associations deciding explicit capabilities. For this situation, it has risen that through contributing to a blog, work searchers get business. Organizations are looking for trustworthy essayists and conclusion pioneers to compose on their online blogs.

It helps in publishing your work

It is safe to say that you are as yet hanging tight for the services of publishers? Well at that point, you’ll need to hang tight for a lifetime! Why not blog at that point and make you a publisher? Essayists, writers for example, Theresa Ragan got rejected over a hundred times in nineteen years. She at that point chose to get savvy, and in a year, she sold close to three hundred thousand copies!

It can get you opportunities to talk to people

Why write a blog? Indeed, your blog permits you to partake in a great deal of talking commitment. You may share considerations on your blog which can land you a speaker offer at the occasion or gathering!

It can get you consulting deals

Why blog for business? Mark Schaefer, a well-known blogger, has got exceptional deals from various organizations. Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay just as numerous others are among them. You can distinguish the subject that best suits you and start a blog dependent on it. That may prompt some counseling positions without further ado.

It can help you find freelance jobs

Numerous individuals today are earning money from any point on the planet through freelance jobs. A blog is a phenomenal method to flaunt your aptitudes, skill and it could assist you with finding new clients. You can get paid for planning something that is nearest for your heart!

Helps to promote arts or other hobbies

Why not blog in the event that it draws out your best pastimes or hobbies? You may cherish playing soccer, dot making, drawing, expressions, and plan or in any event, singing. Discuss about your passion on your blog, and it will cause online readers to identify with you from a more profound perspective!

How Much do blogger make?

The Blogging industry In India is growing at par. The average earning of Top Indian Blogger is astonishing and something between $20000 – $ 50000 per month.

What does a blogger do?

I will explain what does a blogger do and earn through Blog 

  • Writing Contents
  • Endorse Products
  • Sell

Making money blogging and starting blog allow you to experience an immense pleasure and kind of depth to life that is heard to explain here in words!!

Blogger is a person who producing content in the form of articles. The worth of Blog content grows on the value blogger provide to an audience. This builds Trust and audience follows the command.

Thus blogger gain the name and earn extra income. Trust me one can take a source of Passive income and full time income source also.

Bloggers Write Content

You have to write a content that help your Targeted Audiences to take decision in the field of their interest. You have to develop a skill in a way that allows your readers to connect with you. You have to give a value so that your audience feels, it is for them only, give them an individual feeling of their own guide so that they comment on your articles and ask you for more. 

If you are not able to communicate with your readers in a way that allows you to building a relationship, they’ll never subscribe you and signup your email.

At least post a one new article a week is a reasonable enough to give space in the mind of your readers.

Posting alternate day is a good idea to grow fast however posting twice in a week in early stage is also a good going.

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The numbers of audience connected with you are called Traffic on your blog and Traffic is pulled by platforms like Pinterest, Google, Instagram and Facebook which plays an important role in it.

If you are pained with what to write then relax there are plenty of software to help you out.

There is never a shortage of topics to write about till human on earth.

You can read articles on keyword research tools for additional help

Writing is a large part of what separates blog from being just a website. As a blogger it is one of your prime job to write on various research and subjects.

Endorse Products or Services

Endorse here referring to Affiliate Marketing

When you Affiliate any product or services it does not mean you are selling physical products or the product or services that is of your ownership.

In fact you are actually selling products or services that belong to other people and companies. Here again a matter of trust comes across as you can only recommend products that you use and/or you fairly faith in its usefulness.

This is Affiliate marketing.

One of the common names heard is affiliate marketing through Amazon. You can actually recommend Amazon products in your articles even before you use or purchase because it’s a known brand globally.

You can make huge wealth from your blog by recommending or endorsing affiliate products to your audience.

One final step as a blogger to scale your income is your next point.

Sell Products or Services

The process of selling products or services takes you to crazy mood of monetizing your blog to unpredictable reach.

Here you have Two options

  • Digital products  (eBooks, Selling Course, YouTube)
  • Physical Products

This further has two more options.

  • Sell your own products
  • Sell other’s products (Affiliate)

When you sell your own products you have all controls with you at the same time your burdens become huge and you can’t guarantee of effectively selling it.

At the same time selling other’s product is tested frame before it comes out in market.  

How do you get started?

You should not scare on it as what to blog about is a first step of you success ladder. It should be your

Blog Niche.

Niche should always be profitable.

It should base on the most passionate topic that you are interested in and comfortable talking about because people are smart enough to hold you. 

Wasting time on searching Niche is a sour idea hence once you decided what to write on your blog, next step is get started.

If you are still feeling low about the process and need some more time I recommend for this FREE eBook

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Okay guys! It is all for this article on What does blogger do? I am sure you enjoyed it.

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