ConvertKit Review 2022 | The Best Email Marketing Software?


Online marketing can be done in different categories, and among them, email marketing is one.

There are many email service providers in the market, but ConvertKit reserved the spot as the best email service provider.

In this ConvertKit review, You will learn the key factors that help build the right audience email database for online marketing. It’s useful for creating landing pages, sales automation, sending business emails to your audiences, and much more.

What is ConvertKit? All about it.

ConvertKit is one of the email marketing service providers that help online businesses grow their audience worldwide.

It is an email marketing software that helps you find who your audiences are and convert them into customers. ConvertKit is mainly useful for bloggers, course or content creators, and other creators.


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ConvertKit allows you to Build “Landing pages” – landing pages. for your online business to sell products and services through emails. It’s designed to make things easy, so people don’t waste time on technology and focus on their business.

Enter the ConvertKit review to learn how businesses grow through different email campaigns.

1. Share ideas easily

If you have great ideas, then without a second thought just implement them for your online business. ConvertKit helps you create landing pages, so try and review all the plans and then publish the right landing page that suits your business. If audiences are signing up, then it’s working and there’s a good chance of increasing audiences.

2. Build a relationship with the audience

The foundation for any successful business is connecting with your audience and building a long-term relationship with them. All you need to do is show your professionalism by writing engaging emails with important information and build more trust with your audience.

3. Earn passive income

If you know your audiences are, the next step is to send them the relevant emails about your products or services at the right time to get more sales.

ConvertKit Special Features Review

If you’re one of the creators likely to sell products or services with ConvertKit, we recommend this article to learn how emails make an impact in increasing sales for your business.

Landing Pages

Get all your ideas out into the world by creating wonderful landing pages just by selecting a well-designed free landing page template.

ConvertKit has world-class customizable templates designed by professional developers, so go through and select the right one for your business.

These templates are eye-catching and attractive, helping to grow email lists. If you are new to creating landing pages, then there is nothing to worry about as landing page templates help you to put all your ideas.


Now, create landing pages as you like without any technical skills in a matter of minutes.

Create landing pages in minutes

  • No coding skills – To create a landing page in ConvertKit, you don’t need any coding skills and even provide a custom CSS option for people who know the code.
  • Get 100,000+ images: ConvertKit integrates with Unsplash, and give away one click for free images and choose the right one for your business.
  • Responsive to all devices – ConvertKit templates are fully responsive, so landing pages look great on any type of device.

Connect with your audience

ConvertKit has the landing page subscription forms that can transfer the reader to a subscriber, this means that your customer journey starts from the landing page. It is very clear that landing pages play a crucial role in getting sales for any business.

So, create a great landing page with valuable content that easily connects with the right audiences and drives sales.

Different landing page templates


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Build your business with the help of ConvertKit landing pages, while landing page templates are available for any event.

Whether it’s offering a product, telling the audience about your business, or promoting your services, for every occasion, landing page templates help your business quickly and easily. The four examples for growing email lists are:

lead magnet

Nowadays, one of the greatest achievements in online business is to grow the list of subscribers, when you provide quality information, the audience becomes a subscriber. Landing pages on ConvertKit help generate the lead magnet and the audience gets valuable content and signs up for your business.

Create a landing page coming soon about new offers that draws in the audience and all you need to do is build the momentum for the product or service launch.

About us

Before product or service launch, provide detailed information about your business with a profile landing page. It helps to engage with the right audiences in the online world and also build your email list to know more about your products or services.

course registration

Provide quality information of the course you want to launch because when the audience interacts with the details of the course, they will be tempted to sign up and learn the course. ConvertKit offers course registration landing pages and is easy to edit and customize according to your business.

Create better landing pages

ConvertKit’s landing page builder only provides information on the number of subscribers and conversion rates and also allows you to set your favorite tracking method. This tracking analytics is for improving conversions and for advanced tracking it integrates with Analytics.

You can segment audiences to find out who your audiences are and now it’s easy to target the right ones.

Audiences can find your landing page easily when website pages are fully SEO optimized with title, description and targeted keywords.

Email Signup Forms


The first step of a successful business is good communication with the audiences, and this will happen when the list of subscribers is bigger.

For this, ConvertKit first helps to get more subscriber lists with its customizable signup forms. Signup forms in ConvertKit are minimal, visual, short or long, slide in and out. Review the registration forms provided by ConvertKit and choose the best one that is required for your business.

Grow your email list

Add giveaways as a PDF on the bottom page of your blog post site as it is a beneficial way to grow your email list. This means your subscriber will get the information they want, and in return, they’ll get their email address. 

Create popup forms

It is difficult to provide a lot of information on the website and even takes up a lot of space, resulting in a low bounce rate. To avoid this, use the ConvertKit popup form and your audience will get everything related to your business in it.

This popup form saves space, set it for a time period when the visitor visits your site or the readers scrolled down the particular page and otherwise wait until the audience is about to leave the site.

Create newsletter subscription

Excited to build email list with Newsletter?

It doesn’t matter if it’s weekly, monthly or daily, newsletters are the best way to connect with your audience. Just add a simple signup form anywhere on your website page and visitors will sign up to receive all the information via emails. 

blog categories

If a blog has different categories of products and services, create a new subscription form for each category and from this segment the audiences after signing up to your email list. For a more personalized experience for readers, add this signup form to ConvertKit’s WordPress.

Respond to all devices

Sidebar, signup or popup, whatever you use, the templates will look great on any type of device and the beautiful design makes your content stand out to the public.

Customize your registration forms

At first, review and choose the templates that are available in ConverKit, then customize everything from colors, images, text, and everything else to suit your brand.

Collect custom data

Collect the data by segmenting the audience like name, place, gender, location, etc. and then send them the specific content based on their interests.

Offer great incentives


Forms are not only for getting new subscribers, but also for submitting valuable content for your email list subscribers. Providing some information means, in return, get their email addresses.

Deliver automatically – If someone fills out the form, the incentive will be sent automatically and you’ll simply upload the file to ConvertKit, the next part you’ll analyze.

Double opt-in forms for better deliverability: If someone downloads the free file, they will double opt-in, and this is because spammers are avoided. This results in better deliverability rates for the business.

Create Unlimited Forms – ConvertKit allows you to create unlimited incentives and forms that are necessary for your business. As a bonus, grow your subscriber list and they’ll get what they need, when they need it.

ConvertKit Integrations

ConvertKit integrates with other applications such as webinar services, Crowdcast, for memberships and courses, Teachable, and for e-commerce, Shopify. It even integrates for other categories like Affiliate Management, Surveys & Quizzes, Email Verification, CRM, Facebook Ads, etc.

Another advantage is that it can be integrated with Zapier, since it is a tool that gives access to more integrations such as PayPal, Calendly, Typeform, etc.

Email Marketing


ConvertKit email marketing software helps grow business and email marketing tools are here to learn how ConvertKit grow audience.

Create and send beautiful emails

ConvertKit’s email designer helps people to edit email with ease, so they can write the information that is important for the email.

Email Templates – Create unlimited branded email templates and set one as default.

Stress-free typing experience – It has an easy interface, inline style options help to add images, buttons and videos. One can experience excellent and easy email writing.

ConvertKit has a 98% deliverability rate as it avoids the spam folder and emails are likely to be sent only to audience inboxes.

Send email broadcasts

To send email broadcasts, use filters so you can reach some of your target audiences, write content and hit the send button, or schedule the email.

Send automated emails

First set up a form that the subscriber will take through a funnel, then write the required content, also add more email series. Finally, send emails automatically based on your customer journey.

With landing pages and signup forms, grow your email list

Share creative projects by setting up a landing page and signup forms in minutes, with one account, create unlimited pages and forms.

Understand your email subscribers

It’s subscriber-centric, so there’s no need to create a new list each time for each project. With the help of a subscriber list segment, ConvertKit easily organizes the right audiences and from this, sends content based on their interests.

Automated Email Marketing Funnels

Be creative in your works as the ConvertKit funnels will do their thing on the other side. Send welcome series for new subscribers, launch a product or offer a course, because ConvertKit allows you to configure anything and your email automation will reach the right audiences.

Email Designer


ConvertKit’s email designer helps people write email with ease by focusing on the right content and reviewing it before publishing.

Just edit your email

It doesn’t take hours to write email and design, actually simple email in text formats works more powerful compared to emails full of graphics/videos. Create and write emails in the simplest way possible with ConvertKit email designer and send them to audience inboxes.

Calls to action are clickable

Add a button as an action in emails and send them to your audiences on blog posts, landing pages, also add the label to the button if someone clicks on it. 

Code if necessary

If you want to use encoding, just add the HTML box to customize the particular part of the email content.

Create new email templates without HTML

ConvertKit’s core templates help get the job done easily, and even allow you to create more unique templates. ConvertKit’s email designer helps you create new email templates and review which one works for your business.

Change the color, spacing, buttons, fonts etc as everyone can create email templates without any coding knowledge requirement.

Email automations – make it easy


ConvertKit’s email automations have a very easy interface, and with their visual email automation, they can once send targeted content to the right audiences. Help the creators

To create automated and powerful funnels

First set up the rules, then the tool works for you

Customize subscriber influence based on their behavior.

You always know what the customer needs most

Send targeted content for your right audiences to inboxes at the right time

With email marketing automation, send content by drip

This is not the time to analyze and worry about a customer journey because visual automation tools create custom funnel paths by connecting events and actions.

Everything at a glance – When you look at a visual email automation tool, you get an idea of ​​what exactly is happening in your funnels.

Know how your subscribers behave – The cards will give all the information of each subscriber, since it shows exactly how many of them finished in each step. Also analyze how your content is performing, at the same time know how your subscribers are interacting with the course and the business.

Other ways to automate email marketing

Easy and simple rules for automation – Don’t want a whole funnel, then create simple automation rules individually.

Top Integration Partners: You can integrate with top partner apps to carry out all email marketing functions seamlessly.

RSS Feeds – Automatically create a feed and deliver it to your audience, simply set up the content and send it daily or weekly.

How are email automations useful for a business?

Email automations work for any type of industry, serving both their businesses and their audiences. This email automation basically works in four steps.

Firstly, they survey their audiences, secondly, they pitch the product to target audiences and host a webinar to gain trust, and finally, they sell the product/service to their audiences.

Commerce: tool for creators


Without any e-commerce website, this ConvertKit trading tool helps creators to get paid and earn excellent income. Simply add product details, set the cost, customize the product or service page and send this to shoppers to buy and earn automatically.

Creator Pro: Advanced Creator


For advanced creators, ConvertKit offers a powerful Creator Pro feature, with this you can quickly grow your online business. The main features it offers are subscriber scoring, newsletter referral program, deliverability reports, and social media audiences.

The other benefit of this feature is that you can change the URL if needed even after you send the email to the subscriber.

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ConvertKit Pricing Plans Review

ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit is available for free up to 1000 subscribers.

Create unlimited landing pages and signup forms

Allows you to send broadcasts by email

Sell ​​digital products and subscriptions

Offer email support

The paid plan builder version and cerator pro version offer a free trial period for two months.

Creators Version – $29/month, Annual Purchase – $25/month

Get everything in the free version, including

Offers a free migration installation from another tool

It has automated sequences and funnel options.

Creator Pro – $59/month, annual purchase – $50/month

Everything in the creator version, including

Facebook visitors

Newsletter References

Advanced tracking and reporting

Get Subscriber Score

Pros and Cons of ConvertKit


It has an easy to use interface.

Free for 2 months

Excellent email marketing tools

Powerful landing page builder

Great integrations with other apps from any niche

It looks good on all kinds of devices.


A/B testing

Delivery rate is excellent

Email automations


The free version has few features.

A little expensive

Sell ​​only digital products

Email support only

Do we recommend ConvertKit?


ConvertKit is a great email service provider for selling digital products and services to the right audiences.

It is suitable for content creators, bloggers, and businesses because it offers plenty of tools and is also designed with an easy user interface that helps grow your audience.

Sign up now for ConvertKit – Get a free 30-day trial

Without any coding skills requirement, create great landing pages as you like with ease. Email automation, email composing and editing and everything will be done seamlessly in ConvertKit. The price is expensive, but the free trial period is very worthwhile to explore all the features of the tool.

ConvertKit is suitable for any niche and if you are looking for the best email service provider to sell digital products and services then it is the perfect choice.

Convertkit provides Free Trainning

ConvertKit Video Review


Is it worth choosing ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is one of the best email service providers for bloggers, content creators, to sell digital products and services.

Is a website required to use ConvertKit?

No, you don’t need a 20 page website to launch your product or service, just create a single page website with the help of ConvertKit’s landing pages.

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